Are Lease Agreements Public Record

Commercial landlords with multiple properties or developments with more than one tenant generally refuse to disclose to potential tenants the rental conditions in which they have previously entered. Concessions or discounts granted to one party are not necessarily offered to another party and the negotiating position may be compromised if a leasing trading partner has too much information. So what happens when a public body asks for or has obtained a lease through a government process? B for example, when a landowner asks for a building permit? Postema is the editor of Apartment Age magazine, a publication of AAGLA, a service group for homeowners, and the public affairs manager of the California Apartment Law Information Foundation, which disseminates information about landlord/tenant rights to tenants and landlords in California. Send your questions to AAGLA, 12012 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025. We want the documents published on this site to be accessible to people with disabilities. If you have difficulty accessing one of the documents on this site, please contact us. We will work with you to provide an accessible alternative format. Use the clickable card to access rental documents from a state or territory. For southern New Jersey, Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia and Northern Mariana Islands, please use the drop-down menu or table. Disclaimer: The rental documents found on this site are an example of effective GSA leases. If you can`t find a specific rental agreement, please visit the GSA FOIA`s e-reading room to find a list of frequently requested rental documents. For rental documents that are not found online, please submit a request to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). For more information, visit the GSA FOIA preview page.

I called the leasing agent and he told me that they were destroying all the leases after two years. Can I get a copy of the rental agreement in a public record location because you can get marriage or birth certificates? GSA provides electronic copies of original GSA leasing documents for general public viewing. Rental documents are categorized by region and mostly contain a standard form 2 (SF2) and supplementary leases (SLA) from certain GSA leases across the country. Some personal, protected and sensitive information has been published in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Although mortgages and property records are public records, housing rents are not recorded with the district official. Your landlord is not a public record. The owner cannot disclose the details of your lease with others. If you have had to sign a friend or family member to qualify for the rental agreement, the landlord can contact the co-signer if you do not pay rent. I assume the IRS told you that the lease would prove his residence, but there may be other alternatives. Ask them if other types of records, such as children`s school records or doctor`s or dentist visits, will suffice.

If not, you can go to a tax expert such as . B a CPA. ANSWER: Being born and getting married are major life events. Renting an apartment is not. There is no public register of leases. QUESTION: I lived in an apartment in Los Angeles in 1995. I lost the lease when I moved. Then the IRS examined me and I could not prove that my two children were living with me in the same apartment at that time. Graffiti`Artists Prevail Under VARA Over Property Owner The interview has always been good so far.

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