Olymel Collective Agreement

The pork producers` union reached an agreement with the company on Friday morning. From March 23 until further notice, the company will pay a fixed bonus of $2 per hour to all employees who are paid by the hour in the hog, slaughter, processing, processing, transportation, maintenance and storage sector, regardless of whether or not they have a collective agreement, both in the hog and poultry sectors. An agreement in principle has been reached between Olymel`s management and its striking employees. The new agreement includes benefits for food processing workers, including paid sick days and seniority positions, wage increases of $2.60 per hour for all workers, an increase of 90 cents per hour for forklift drivers hired before 2012, and increases of $0.40 to $0.90 per hour for regular workers according to the union. Plans for unionized workers to return to service have not been made because the agreement has not yet been ratified, but details are expected to be developed before the end of the year, said Mario Maisonneuve, local president of United Food and Commercial Workers, which represents Olymel workers. The new language allows the 15 oldest workers to spend the first level`s wages every year on July 1. During the term of the contract, this will improve wages and the rate of progression for 90 of the 230 second-class employees. The agreed-upon comparison contains some significant monetary improvements and addresses a number of issues that Olymel members wanted to address. Members were concerned about a limited number of vacation drivers available to workers at the same time.

This contract doubles the number of maintenance employees and forklift operators who can book vacations, licensing days or floating days at the same time as other employees in their service. The proportion of employees of other services who can book holidays at the same time increases from 9% to 11%. In addition, workers who are entitled to more than four weeks of leave per year can “sell” a week or more of this right at 120% of their value. If you give this choice to the staff, some vacation drivers will also be released. UFCW Local 401 members of Olymels` Red Deer plant provide high quality products for you and your family. Olymel, Canada`s largest hog producer, not only has dozens of production sites and distribution centres around the world, but also employs more than 13,000 people across the country. They export to more than 65 countries and with a turnover of $3.6 billion, they are the industry leaders. Olymel also presents more than 700 different types of fresh and processed pork, chicken and turkey offerings for many national and private brands. Union Negotiating Committee: Marty O`Connor, Justin Ramsli, Matt Spinella, Louise Summers, Union Rep. Joe Tenn and Regional Director 3, Daniel Mercier.

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