Support Staff Collective Agreement Nz

We are launching our right to pay equity for school administration staff, especially by finding out exactly what these employees are doing. We use this information as part of the claim to understand the value you bring to your workplace. Click here for comparison details, a breakdown of our tariff duties and frequently asked questions. If you would like a printed copy of this agreement, we recommend that you download the following PDF version. This pay equity campaign is also relevant for administrators, Kaiārahi i te Reo, scientific technicians, coordinators and all other support staff. Collective agreements are agreements between employers and registered trade unions covering workers at the employer`s workplace. Bargaining power between employers and employees is not the same in many jobs. Facilitators are looking forward to a new offer of collective agreements next week.30 November 2019 Employees of NZEI te Riu Roa member school guards will vote next week on a new collective agreement offer from the Ministry of Education that includes a new minimum wage rate of 21.15 $US per hour, the current minimum wage. This agreement provides for the minimum wage rate of 21.15 $US as the base rate for all assistance workers and kaiārahi members who currently earn less than this rate. . .


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