Termination Listing Agreement

Unethical behavior: Agents rarely present themselves as unethical, but it can happen. Maybe they`ve turned around in brokerage fees or they`ve assumed too much to buyers things that are impossible. If you think your agent doesn`t represent your best interests, it may be time to cancel the offer and look for a new agent. Agents have moved to digital and virtual circuits, including Zoom and Instagram. If your agent makes good faith efforts to bring your home in front of the buyer, even in a “socially distant” period, this is probably not a reason to resign. If they don`t agree, you`ll probably have to wait for your contract to expire, normally two to six months from the date you signed it – but check the details of your contract. Some contracts include an early cancellation fee that allows you to redeem yourself from the agreement. The period of protection in a listing contract is specifically intended to protect the real estate agent. Ultimately, the expiration date of the contract can be negotiated with your real estate agent. Photos are probably the first thing a potential buyer is going to see in an offer, and they could make or break the sale. If a buyer doesn`t feel good about the photos, they probably won`t bother to come to your open house or make an offer.

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