Trec Residential Listing Agreement

A signed written agreement, such as for example. B is the agreement to represent the buyer of housing / tenant of TAR, the only way for a broker to establish an agency relationship with a buyer? Note that a seller may change their mind about the sale after entering into an offer agreement. Sellers don`t have to accept a buyer`s offer just because it`s listed. A broker does NOT earn commission only for the list of houses. You need to find a buyer who is able and willing to buy it at a price and on terms that the seller is willing to accept. In general, a broker does not earn a penny, unless the house sells. No no. What does that mean? This means that your agent`s intermediation is entitled to all fees/commissions agreed in this agreement if your home is sold at any time during the term of this agreement. For example, if you list it and find out a month later that your nephew wants to buy your home, you may not be inclined to believe that your agent did something to find you as a buyer.

You might be inclined to save a little money for the commission. If this agreement exists, you cannot do it. If you sell to someone, your agent`s brokerage will receive their commissions. Paragraph 3 – List price. Most of the time, it`s self-explaining. This is the price for which you advertise for the house. That doesn`t mean it`s what a buyer will offer or what the final price will be, but it`s your starting point. Check out my guide for more information on how I recommend choosing a good list price (usually closer to the fair market value of your home).

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