Withdrawal Agreement And Gdpr

If an adequacy decision is not made, another option could be a Privacy Shield agreement, similar to the one currently in place between the UK and the US. Unless the Parties decide before 1 July 2020 to extend the transition period from 1 to 2 years, from 1 January 2021, all primary and secondary Union law will cease to apply to the United Kingdom. Transfers of personal data to the UK are then subject to the requirements of Chapter V of the GDPR and the Enforcement Directive. The European Commission has published a series of communications setting out the implications in a number of policy areas to prepare citizens and stakeholders for the UK`s withdrawal. Point 1: Compliance with GDPR standards. Finally, if Parliament approves the new Withdrawal Agreement and related legislation, there will be no significant changes to the UK`s data protection regime (with the exception of certain transfers to Gibraltar) by the end of the new Withdrawal Agreement (no later than December 2020); Any processing will continue to be subject to the requirements of the GDPR as long as the agreement applies. During this transition period, the UK government and the EU will ideally negotiate a data protection agreement tailored to both parties, whether it is an adequacy decision, a Privacy Shield agreement or any other agreement allowing for the free flow of data between the UK and the EU. If no trade agreement, agreement or agreement is concluded between the UK and the EU after this transition period, the UK will leave in a no-deal scenario and become a “third country”. .

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