Youtube License Agreement

For a YouTube Standard licensed video, there is a strict and fast legal regulation. The original author can claim his work because he has been granted certain rights to do so. For a nonprofit video, you may need to convince them that you haven`t gained anything from using their content. It is therefore always advisable to obtain permission first. However, if you select the Creative Commons license when downloading, the author can use all parts of the original author`s work. In principle, it is permissible to edit, recompile, modify or modify the original work, with the exception of a few elements listed. This includes copyright on the original works and a clear statement that the work comes from an original source. In addition, the original author is not responsible for any damage caused by the derivative work. Thus, the two licenses differ from one another. This section applies to users who provide content to the Service. It defines the scope of permissions you grant when uploading your content and includes your consent not to upload anything that violates the rights of others. Important updates: When a user clicks on the link, they are redirected to BuzzFeed`s website, where legal agreements exist in the “More” tab of the menu: If you have marked your video with a CC BY license, you retain your copyright. Other authors may reuse your work in accordance with the terms of the license.

The default YouTube license remains the default setting for all downloads. For more information about the terms of the YouTube standard license, please see our Terms of Service. However, you can provide links to your legal agreements in the “About” tab of your YouTube channel. When a user uploads a video, they have a choice of licensing options. The first option is “Standard YouTube License,” which means you grant YouTube the streaming rights. This basically means that your video is only accessible from YouTube for viewing purposes and cannot be reproduced or distributed in any other form without your consent. The second type of license is the Creative Commons. You can also specify the link to your website in the “Info” tab of your YouTube page and your website would be linked to the list of legal agreements. BuzzFeedBlue is another popular YouTube channel that users can subscribe to.

There are no links to legal agreements in the “Info” tab of this page, but there is a link to buzzfeed`s main website: in this “Links” section, you can link to your website and where you can provide links to your legal agreements if you wish. The ability to tag downloaded videos with a Creative Commons license is available to all creators. .

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